The Big Engine Shed was the first major project for the park and was built to showcase in working order some of the larger engines that were used in various West Coast industries.

We now have probably the best collection of large Ruston engines in the southern hemisphere including the twin cylinder used by the Houston Sawmills in Hari hari and the Single cylinder used by the Banks family trading as Waiho Sawmills near Franz Josef.

The baby Ruston was used at Kumara to pump water from a natural spring to the reservoir.
A more recent addition is the Mirrlees engine that was used on the Kaniere and Ngahere mining dredges.
In addition to the Ruston engines the shed also contains a the Blackstone engine that powered a generator for the Cowan sawmill at Dancing Creek in the Haast valley.
Lastly the latest addition is a Japanese Niigata engine that came from the Santa Monica boat. This engine is currently under restoration.

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